Monday, April 16, 2012

of busy living and other fun things

I'm not sure how it works out that I am the busiest I have ever been in my life when I'm not working and not attending school; I don't wish time away because I know it's all precious, but I am looking forward to June where the calendar looks empty.  It's a little difficult not to anticipate the future so much with an imminent move.  Jimmy has called me in to look at various living options, potential housing, and carefully researched locations and schools for our littles.

The ways in which my girls have turned simple sign language into their own slang is full of entertainment; apparently the word more is very inviting to change and make one's own.  Eisley does more a clapping motion or a hand jive technique whereas Ruby took her two pointer fingers and daintily bumped them together repeatedly.  That just about sums them up too: the one that must have things a little rougher than called for, and my dainty, careful one.

I have been pouring over Kelle Hampton's book Bloom with tears welling, laughter building, and an overall feeling of pride and thankfulness for this rollercoaster of life.

The pitter patter of little feet has turned an overused cliche into a real life blessing at our house.  I can hardly tell the difference between my girls' walking when I pause to listen from another room.  Eisley watched Ruby pull the cushions off of Ama's couch to jump on them; she was quite proud of herself after climbing on the cushion to sit and watch Ruby.  The two of them playing together is something I might never get over - my heart swells with love and pride.

In other news: I feel like I am playing a giant role in Mission: Impossible, heavy emphasis on the impossible.  As it turns out, I'm not cut out for the sneaky things.


Last weekend, Ruby went to set her napkin on the table, and she said, "You sit right here, little fella."  I nearly collapsed from laughter after managing to choke out the questions about where she heard such a thing.  She told me she got that from her Daddy.

We fluctuate between having to call her Marylin or Melia in order to get her to do things.

Last night, she couldn't get into her bed because it was a "dirty old pond" and she was a crocodile.  We finally told her to crawl into her dirty old pond and sleep.  But don't you know, crocodiles don't like to sleep!

Ruby answered the age old question Who Let the Dogs Out? with herself after singing the chorus of that song (can you even call it a song?) and following it up with some enthused HOO HOO HOOs!  Her Grandpa Larry would have been so proud.


Eisley is very good with my phone, the iPad, and other such electronics.  She knows she isn't supposed to push buttons or carry my phone around, which leaves her ducking really close to my phone, pushing the button, and shaking her head no all the while.  I can hardly stop such a cute act.

Yesterday, Eisley brought a new diaper to me which I thought to be a coincidence.  Let's just say, it was most definitely not a coincidence - she really did need that new diaper.

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