Friday, April 27, 2012

my girls and to dos.

It seems as though I am wading through honey while battling to get back into some sense of normalcy around here.  I have entirely too many things vying for my time and attention - and I'm about to mix everything up again, leaving twice in the next two weeks.

Eisley has started making some animal noises, but her best animal voice belongs to the bear - the growling is trademark cute.  The best part of all is her dance moves.  It's constant, and it's electric in her little body.  It's a serious case of the wiggles, and it's like she can't stop it -- even when she's eating, drinking, or walking.

Ruby has spent her days being a cowgirl saving kittens in trouble.  If she branches out, she becomes a leatherback sea turtle or another little girl in a far off land with creative names like Laga, Duga, Hella, or Lotta. Because I am well aware of where this imaginative behavior stems from, I fully expect to start seeing her take running, flying leaps onto her bed to avoid monsters beneath, among other such behaviors.

I cut her hair for the second time in all her life - this time, instead of hacking millimeters, I took off a little more than an inch.  I'm trying not to panic about the lack of curls, but well, just another sign she's not the baby I still imagine her to be.


In other news: (alert the presses) I have not made cookies in about a month.  One would think this would be great diet planning, however, the girl scout cookies should give me a badge for all of their delicious cookies that I have consumed.

Conclusion: I'm baking my own cookies today.

I'm also: making a million hats, cleaning, taking photos, and packing.  'Tis life.

And just so we're clear - molars are at the top of my *hit list. 

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