Wednesday, March 14, 2012

whooooo's one?

The big city will be seeing this girl for a long girls's weekend very soon.  Excitement would be a slight understatement.  Let the obsessive compulsive compilation of must sees, must dos, and must eats begin.

Sister bug is walking about fifty percent of the time.  She'd make it much easier on herself if she could forget the urge to multitask, insisting on carrying about three things in her hands, one in her mouth, and sometimes even pushing something as well.  I'm not sure where she found the urge to do a bazillion things at once.  She can very easily venture across an entire room, a la Frankenstein; arms outstretched, choppy little steps, and funny monstrous noises escaping her mouth.

We are off on an adventure through Kansas where the destination is known, but the stops along the way are not.  I can't wait to spend time with my most favorite God Children, cousins, and family.  Naturally, girl logic makes a demanding presence, and we have plans for shopping, eating, cupcake finding, and bakery adventuring.  There is also a very real possibility for girl's nights, accessorized by wine.  Kansas is making the pretend tropical vacation a very realistic simulation with the forecasted temperatures around 80 degrees.  Kansas, what are you trying to do to me with these mind games?

My little old lady fingers have made approximately fifteen hats in the last several days.  I'm rapidly achieving my Little Old Lady title with my ability to see the world around me as the fingers crank out the hats.


My house has been owl-littered for multiple weeks now.  And I'm not ready to be done with them, so birthday party remnants remain.

Ben rethinks his request for a baby sister.


I can't believe that sweet little blessing is a year old.  And that her sister is nearly three and a half.

For the record: I only counted the first slice of cake against me in calories.  Sort of like a buy one, get one (or five) for free.

I wonder if this is a problem?

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