Saturday, March 31, 2012

to sum things up

You know that feeling where you really need to clean the house, but instead you spend your precious time debating whether you should bake cookies, catch up on DVRed Grey's Anatomy, do a little damage to the wallet and shop online (then tell your husband that something beyond your control forced you to shop), grab some cookie dough from the freezer...for baking of course,  knit, crochet, read a book, eat some thin mints, write a long overdue letter to your grandparents, write thank you notes, play your phone, eat some Easter candy, hold a mini photo shoot with your children who happen to be irresistibly cute, take a walk, make a smoothie, take a bubble bath (with or without ear plugs), write a witty book, catch up on your beauty sleep, eat some samoas, scrapbook, give yourself a long overdue mani/pedi...

or blog?

No?  Just me?


To sum things up with what little brain power that I have remaining (I have to save the rest for a girl's day out SANS CHILDREN tomorrow.  Sorry for yelling).

My hairs are in for a surprise makeover this week.

We went to a new zoo with some of our favorite people on Thursday.

I crocheted like a maniac.

We picnicked at the park.

My baby fell into the bathtub with all of her clothes on.

She fell off of her sister's bed.

She learned that the lids of markers do in fact come off.

(Who is watching this thing?!)

I got behind on a whole ton of laundry and a whole ton of dishes.

I took a lot of pictures.

I saw the Hunger Games and had a sushi date with my baby sister to celebrate her birthday.

I made healthy muffins (Ruby said, "Mmmm, these are absolutely delicious.")

I listed my 13 month old on Craigslist.  (I think I'm kidding on that one, but lack of sleep and brainpower make me uncertain.)

And I drank a lot of coffee.

Oh, and I also marveled at the cuteness of my children.

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