Saturday, March 3, 2012

Happy Birthday, Eisley!

Happy Birthday, Eisley!

We've come full circle, baby girl; I haven't a clue how you are already celebrating your first year of life, but I know that we have celebrated your life for a consecutive 365 days.

You came into this world as noisy as you can be, and you have never stopped making noise since.  You are an entertainer, seeking laughter and reactions when you are amidst action and trouble.  You have the orneriest, most comical smile - easily a room's light switch.  It's hard to chase you out of something when you are so cute.

You continue to be so into sounds.  You love music, you love to hear yourself yell, you love voices.  You could sit at the furnace vent and bang objects to hear the rippling metallic sounds.  Banging is a favorite pastime.

Our world is about to get even further complicated - walking is in your very near future.  While I'm thankful you didn't walk as early as I anticipated, your tornado ways are about to exponentially increase. You can have a room wiped out and completely disastrous in record time.  On February 26, you took two steps, and you have done that a handful of times since.  You can stand up with no assistance, and your balance is impeccable.

You have seven teeth; the fourth bottom tooth has disappeared after making a brief initial appearance.  You love to eat.  You love fruits, noodles, and breads; you eat just about anything your big sister does.  Noodles, cheese, and blueberries appear to be vacuumed in with no break to even breathe.

Your receptive language blows me away on a daily basis.  You know how to brush your hair, you will grab a crayon and paper if someone asks you to "color".  You continue to express with signs and words. You say: thank you, hi, bye, dad, and dog.  You wave, and you have started to blow kisses.  But the slobbery kisses are my favorite.  You love to get and give them.  You are very into shaking your head no, and occasionally nodding your head yes.

You have mastered multitasking at a young age.  If you want to push your toy, you can also carry one toy in your mouth and another in your hand.  You can maneuver around corners by picking up your push toy and making the turn.  You love to carry around a rag and wipe things - I hope you can keep up the love of cleaning.

Happy Birthday to an unbelievable little girl with a smile brighter than the sun.

We love you to the moon!


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