Thursday, February 9, 2012

the one with cake

a short cake story, written for her birthday invitations.

Sister wasted no time digging into that baby, but she only truly appreciated the pure delight of all things sugary until bite three.  And then she wanted to smear it all over the floor by crawling off.  She was really quite thrilled when Jimmy helped her back to her position (this can be noted: bottom row, second picture from left).

I'm crossing off birthday things with good reason.  My calendar is filling up quite rapidly with friend meet ups, weekends away, a Favorite Things party (part deux), photo sessions, and other miscellaneous social events.  I haven't been this busy since college; I think I'm handling the social calendar well at this moment.

I had much needed time with a sweet friend this week - mind off of mundane daily things while getting things done in the same time span.

For now, I am nearly completely beside myself with giddy anticipation.  Jimmy and I are going away for the weekend.  Hockey games, food, shopping, and quiet time await.  We have never left the kiddo (or kiddo!) to get away.  I have never been away from Eisley overnight - my mom probably needs all of the prayers she can get for our little tornado....and for her sleep.

Me on the other hand?  Not carrying a purse/diaper bag plus an actual twenty pound diaper bag, all whilst holding one heavy baby and practically dragging a toddler?  Sleeping without interruption?  Eating dinner while it's still hot?  This might be my mom's initiation into the overnight thing.

I have ten tons of things to pack.  Remember?  I pack for the masses...just in case.  Also, I'm allergic to packing until the day before.  Or something.

Real quick Rubyism:

Last weekend, my mom and sister were playing cards.  Ruby sat in my mom's lap and loudly said, "That's a lot of Qs!"  Card games are no longer safe around her.

Also - Ruby has figured out how to operate the computer mouse - Reading Eggs has roped her in and held her attention for various word and letter activities.

And my first Eisleyisms (!!):

Today, Eisley found Ruby's Tag Reader and drug it over to the nearest book to make it work.  (Impressed).

Also, coincidentally, I asked Eisley if she was precious.  Without hesitation, she said, "Yeah."

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