Thursday, February 2, 2012

of hearty marshmallows

Groundhog day, Puxatony Phil sees his shadow, promising six more weeks of winter.  Ironically, it begins to snow today - something we haven't been accustomed to this winter.

Good thing I have these festive marshmallows to dump into hot chocolate while I continue to snuggle two sick girls and get nothing else accomplished.

Pinterest fueled my desire to try homemade marshmallows - I finally got around to it last fall, and continued experimenting yesterday.  Yesterday nearly killed my KitchenAid.

I used to give Jimmy such a hard time for his love for Alton Brown, but the man knows his stuff.  I have grown used to his quirkiness and embraced his knowledge for various recipes - I have never been disappointed.

He explains marshmallows in a video and easy to follow recipe here.  You will never buy marshmallows again!

Daring to be different, I replaced the vanilla with peppermint extract...and things got a little tricky.  This stuff is seriously sticky.  I sprayed nonstick spray on my hands and found that to be the best way to spread the marshmallows into my prepared pan.  Because I wanted them to be a swirly festive pink for Valentine's Day, I didn't add the food coloring in the mixer.  I used my hands and barely kneaded it before pressing down evenly.

After they sat for several hours, I cut them into heart shapes.


Peppermint marshmallows = serious love

Heart-shaped peppermint marshmallow = irresistible

My kitchen = not suitable for company

You can bet I'll be trying s'mores with these.  Chocolate and peppermint can do no wrong in my eyes.


Just as I imagined.

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