Friday, February 3, 2012

Dear Eisley

Love Bug,

I have no idea how it's even possible to be writing your second to last monthly letter, but here we are.  Eleven months old - it seems so much longer and so much shorter at the same time.  I have said several times in your short little life that I have no doubt you have been in my heart forever.  I feel like your smile has always been a part of me; the way you light up when you see someone you know seems so familiar.

You are all over the place.  You aren't walking, but you have mastered pulling up and do so on anything.  You cruise furniture and think about standing without assistance, but you're not quite ready.  You have mastered crawling the stairs which is a frightening experience...right along with you standing up in the bathtub.  You are going to give your sister (and my heart) a run for her money.

You are a go-getter.  You have bruises and bumps and scratches from tables and floors getting in your way.  Had you told me six months ago you wouldn't be walking by now, I wouldn't have believed you.  It has actually been funny to see a little bit of nervousness show up in you - this has happened around Ama and Papa's big dogs, when I sit you on the counter, or when you stand by yourself with nothing near to hold onto.

It probably won't be funny forever, but you make me laugh when you know you shouldn't be doing something.  You smile a knowing smile and continue to do it or you crawl away giggling as I chase after you.

Your sister elicited so many reactions when you lived in my belly - that trend continues.  You love your sister, you live for the moments that she plays with you and includes you, and you love to wrestle with her.  You're lucky she's overly tolerant and blessed in the patience department, because she probably has half as much hair as she could have.  We're still working on the whole be gentle! thing.

You recently said your first word: "Hi!" complete with a wave.  You also say "dog" with meaningful purpose.  You make sounds like "Da Da" but I'm not convinced they're connected to Dad.  That, or I'm in denial.

You are still deciding whether or not you should make any kind of transition to table food.  You continue to nurse like a three month old, so anything else is considered extra and generally a source of entertainment (throwing at the dogs or massaging into your face).  True to your genetic form, you love you some carbs.  You like noodles and we have recently discovered how much you love cinnamon or other flavored breads.  You also like string cheese, pears, yogurt, oatmeal, and dried fruits.  Tooth number seven made its appearance this week - I love your gap-toothed, dimpled grin almost as much as I love you.

You are not quite as snuggly and still as your sister was or continues to be, but you sure prefer to be held closely while you sleep.  I wouldn't have it any other way - falling asleep beside your steady breathing and waking up to your grins are some of my favorite moments.  Sleep was a rare commodity around here for the first ten months of your life; dare I say that you are becoming sort of good at it now?  You aren't sleeping through the night by any means, but the sound of a flipped light switch no longer wakes you either.  Holding you while I attempt to do other things is satisfying to you, you have always loved to see all that I am doing - we are still quite thankful for babywearing which allows for multitasking.  You continue to be very touch oriented and would prefer to have me as close to you as often as possible.

You are very into bath time with Ruby - I think you two would play in there for an entire day if I allowed it.  As it is, you usually play in there until the water turns cool and your fingers and toes are completely wrinkled.

Other favorite pastimes include opening drawers and cabinets and flinging things out, reading books, playing with all of big sister's toys which are naturally much more fun than your own (games and puzzles, and markers, mostly), petting Pippi (smacking, really), being sung to, tearing up things at record speed, coloring on the magnadoodle.

You have next to no patience.  You don't like to waiting for snacks, waiting to be picked up, or being told no.  You despise having things retrieved from your mouth, and you are not a huge fan of having your diaper changed - you'll tolerate it with me and scream with Daddy.

You are a momma's girl through and through, and while it's rather endearing most of the time, I would looove to be able to leave the room without you screaming your disapproval.

One year ago, I was beyond anxious to meet you, to know you, to love you with all of my heart.  I couldn't have pictured our future, our lives with you, or the way our lives were about to change.  You are such a light to us, and continue to just fit with our family.  We love you - your bold yells, the way you so obviously like to perform for others, the way you love your sister, your zest for life and discovery.

Life is precious with you in it, sweet girl.


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