Saturday, January 7, 2012

under the sea (only not really) (part 3)

Grand Cayman.  Land of British accents and chickens.  I briefly wondered if chickens were held as some holy entity until I watched two roosters waltz right by a boldly advertised chicken butchering establishment.

The last time Georgetown, Grand Cayman was a cruise destination, the waters were too rough to be tendered into port.  Eisley fell asleep on the tender boat, despite the wind and the water across our faces.  Our first stop was a cute candy shop, where Ruby chose two lollipops, and we found some of our favorite Japanese candy.  Jimmy soon realized his sunglasses were left on the ship - nice excuse for some shopping, huh?  He's learning quickly from me.

We shopped at a few shops along the ocean before heading off for our excursion.

We drove along on the wrong side of the road, with the driver on the wrong side of the car, and with people standing scary close to the side of the road - but driving along Seven Mile Beach was gorgeous.

We ended up here:

And directly across the street, we found ourselves here:

I'm sure I have Dora or Diego to thank for Ruby's dream of swimming with dolphins.  I have to hand it to her - she pegged the timing.  From the time I told her we would be going on a big ship, she kept insisting we would be swimming with dolphins.  We found a great deal where she and Jimmy could do it together and I could watch.

As it turned out, I had an incredibly feisty baby, and I briefly contemplated feeding her to that lizard.  Instead, she shrieked and yelled and made the the video camera of the lady next to me (sorry for that unexpected souvenir).

Ruby and Jimmy swam with a dolphin named Alegria.  They pet her, waved to her (she talked in response), fed her, danced with her, played ball with her, and kissed her.  And she even took Jimmy for a ride at the end of the day.

By some miracle, both kids fell asleep on the bus back to the dock.  We pretended to be on a secluded island sans children with a trip to the most amazing gelato place I have ever been to - we had wedding cake, mediterranean sea salted caramel and chocolate hazelnut.

And then it started raining and we had to get on the last tender boat.

We went for dinner, where I ordered multiple appetizers, main dishes, and desserts (fine, this wasn't the only night; I did that every night).  There wasn't a show on this night, so we spent time after dinner playing cribbage and then we went to the Love and Marriage game show (so fun).

not planned; the stroller just spices things up a bit.

model faces.

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