Wednesday, January 18, 2012

sea days (part 5)

Coming in at exactly a month after this actually happened; post holidays and with two children under food, I'm going to consider this a small miracle.  As it turns out, I'm still packing cruise weight, so the timing seems perfectly relevant.

The last two days of our weeklong cruise were spent at sea.  There was something wrong with the stabilizer during our day in Jamaica; I was hoping they'd have to wait a week or so for the part to be flown in, extending our cruise or something.  No such luck.

So instead, we spent a lot of time at the pool, eating copious amounts of frozen yogurt (Ruby loved the poolside, self serve yogurt), playing mini golf on the top deck, and eating.  Eating.  And a little more eating.

Also, Meredith and I turned the life jackets into runway statements.  Or something.

doughnuts were a daily breakfast treat; for Ruby, it was more like chocolate frosting for breakfast.

I have the cutest mom in the world, doing cruise dance routines like a professional.

 dining room staff

Jimmy eats four lobster tails just for his entree.

 Uncle Corey entertains the girls with his funny tricks.

 The start of Ruby acting slightly famous with photo ops around the table:

That chocolate thing?  Heaven.  It tasted like solid hot fudge.  I didn't have a bad thing all week but that sticks out (among escargot, strawberry pavlova, fruit soups, and Berrymisu)

It should be noted that the following pictures are positively not the result of any alcoholic beverages.  Scout's honor.  We're just that cool.

 Meredith was the only one in our group solo.  Here she is with her invisiboyfriend.

Towel Monkey

sister bug had her fill of cheese and assorted carbs (bread! and noodles) and fresh fruit 

 doughnut, after Ruby got ahold of it.

 On the last day, they did a cooking demonstration on the pool deck.  This German chef was really fun to watch - they made seafood and chicken paella.  Yum.

There was a fun parade in the promenade before dinner, but regardless of how much we shook Ruby and promised her a near future full of sparkly people and confetti, she just couldn't keep her eyes peeled. And the week caught up with her - she slept for about three hours, straight through dinner.

Ronnie is behind the American Flag, and MJ is on the left side of it, in the front.

 We returned from the comedy show to pack and toss our stuff out the door (this was tricky with two little ones who require lots of belongings and just in case things)

We went to the late night comedy show and came home and crashed.  The last night is always so sad.  Mostly because I knew we were coming home where I was the stateroom attendant, the cook, and the entertainment.  

The disembarking and customs process was rather painless, thankfully.  We made it back to Houston, said goodbye to Eric and Megan, who stayed in Houston for one last night, and then went through the airport.  Exciting moment for me: Jenny Finch and her sweet little family were right behind us going through security (you didn't know I was a softball girl did you?)

 After a traumatizing visit with Mr. Clause himself, we made it to our gate.

 Then said goodbye to Uncle Corey and Genny.

I have no idea how parents flew with little children before iPods.

It was really rude to come into single digit weather after a week in the eighties.

I'm figuring out the next soonest cruise.  Europe?

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