Friday, January 27, 2012

of scents and shopping

The brilliantly random painted walls, the hippie-esque feel, the collected witty bumper stickers.  The smell, oh the delicious smell wafting to the street.  I had a much-needed day out with my precious Ruby.  We delivered coffee to Jimmy and my mom at their respective work places.

And then we stopped at our local natural bath and body shop - overwhelmed with so much variety, we picked up a little bit of everything in there.

I had a cleansing of sorts today.  And I did it.  After over four years, I was able to let go of my nearly full bottle of Ralph Lauren Romance.  Other than you believing that to be a thoughtless waste - it was something I did with tears streaming.  I got that for Christmas in 2007 and wore it every single day until January 6th when I lost our baby.  Smells are a sensitive nostalgia-triggering sentiments for me; always have been.  That smell, though making me sick with sadness, was something I held onto as if it were the last remaining physical connection to my baby.  I knew exactly what it smelled like, but haven't opened that bottle or even touched it since that day.  I opened it today.  And because I knew I cannot possibly ever wear it again despite my hopes to be less sensitive to it with the passing of time - I threw it away.  The fragrant notes are etched in my mind and nose in a punishing way.


In much less disheartening news, I accidentally found  Then I accidentally found the most delicious rainbow yarn.  And then I accidentally filled my cart with other yarn of the softest variety.  It was in my best interest for the free shipping.  Then I accidentally submitted my order.  The end.

I have decided that when I can shop from my home, things become dangerous.  But when you can shop from your phone - in the comfort of your bed! - well, then things get ridiculously sticky.  And regrettably comfortable...or uncomfortable, perhaps, if you are the wallet.

Also, accidentally, I ordered thirteen boxes of Girl Scout cookies.  Unfortunately, Girl Scout cookies are not officially endorsed by Weight Watchers.

Neither are chocolate chip cookies that call my name from the kitchen.

What a shame.

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