Sunday, January 15, 2012


Cruise entries and Christmas-related things have stalled my normal blogging appearances and my girls seem to be making the most enormous growing strides in life.  One little sits beside me, tossing countless pieces of food to the floor.  The other little sleeps late after the big Broncos letdown last night.

Monday night, unwinding before bed, found my brain running on overdrive.  The thought of referring to my baby in terms of a year rather than months is coming in six short weeks.  Ordering owl things of all shapes, sizes, and colors commenced promptly, and I feel slightly better about the birthday itself.  The emotional side of it all won't be conquered that easily, but I'm learning to embrace life at it's energetic speed.

Maybe it's because I watch Ruby in such awe.  She has taken imaginative play to a whole new level.  She writes words, spells things out loud, and counts things in her sight.  I will never tire of her little voice so gleefully saying, "Good morning, Eisley!"  Every single morning.  The smallest of things elicit a thrill from her - so humbling.  The kid would color, paint or otherwise craft all day long if I let her.  With a request to go to the park too.  Her drawing skills are unreal to me.

a giraffe - sometimes she says she doesn't know how; Jimmy and I have gotten into the habit of asking her what parts something has; as she lists them off, she finds she is able to draw them.  This was one of those times, but her drawing was done completely on her own.

Eisley has turned a corner in the sleeping world; as it turns out, all it takes for her to sleep in is to overstimulate her until midnight.  This sleeping revelation hasn't come a moment too soon given that the bags under my eyes are likely permanent by now.


Sometimes I can't believe it.  I sit next to both of them and can't believe they're mine.  I can't believe that I'm a mother.  I can't believe that parenthood is so fun, so rewarding, so daunting and utterly terrifying.

Blessings abound; I'm so very thankful for my family. For my life.  Fast as it may be.

Things I learned this week:

Bad football games are bad on the wallet.  As much as I adore Tebow, the Broncos game warranted erratic shopping behavior and I bought faux fur boots on ebay for Eisley.

I can beat the husband at darts.  I'm even better at darts when he taunts me.

Making cards or the attempt of anything productive with two children is nearly impossible.  One should be awarded with copious amounts of cookies if anything at all is accomplished under these circumstances.

Ruby singing made up songs about Tebow is one of the cutest things ever.


Ruby shouts in her sleep, "I'm SO TIIIRED."

From the bathroom, Ruby yells, "Moo-ooom, my bottom is wet.  My poop splashed."  TMI, Rubes. T.M.I.

As she slid down the stairs at my Mom and Dad's house, she said, "Is this a good idea?"

She got to ride the "CRACKER!" to plow snow with Papa.  (tractor).

Should you have something Ruby might want, prepare to hear, "You can share if you want."  And really, you have no choice after such a profoundly cute statement.

During this bath together, Ruby said, "Me and Eisley are best friends."  I hope they are best friends always.  Hearing laughter come from the two of them is one of the most special sounds in the world.

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