Thursday, January 5, 2012

kid free.

I'm making my list and checking it twice.  And I'm sure to forget something.  Still.  But I can't be bothered to be annoyed, because I'm about to run errands sans children.  If you see someone grabbing things in Target and singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, it's because I can't figure out what it's like to shop without feeling like a) you're going for a record time, b) you're an entertainment show for the littlest tot and c) everyone is staring.

Nonetheless...sushi and a movie, plus shopping?  There's a chance I will accidentally not make it home at a decent hour; I'm not sure I remember what it's like to leisurely shop or eat.  Forget the fact that I may fall asleep by 6:00 given the amount of vomit and tossing and turning last night.  For the record: potato soup did not please baby's tummy.

In other random news - I have never seen something as cute as my mom playing with new iBestFriend.  Tetris on her iPhone on the couch = classic.  Also cute?  My sweet as pie Grandma calling me this morning to tell me thanks again for her Christmas gifts, as she was eating part of it.

The ABCs have become quite the theatrical sensation around here - sometimes opera like, and sometimes just plain rap.  Always with a RUFF! at the end to match the style of the song.  Ruby has also started writing all of her letters and doing connect the dot activities this week.  I love that I can be here to watch her putting all of these pieces together - I have two amazing little girls.

Can you tell which of my children is most likely to sit still and be clothed (well, decent)?

Also...Grand Cayman cruise entry coming soon (unless I decide Target by myself is so wonderful I move there).

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