Monday, January 2, 2012

I'm picking up good vibrations (and diamonds) (part 2)

 Tuesday, we were docked in sunny Cozumel.  After another embarrassing breakfast full of carbs, frosting, and grease, we gathered our stuff and disembarked.  Ruby and Eisley donned matching seersucker dresses in the hopes of finding some sort of beach retreat for a photo op.  What I hadn't anticipated in my vision of picture perfect paradise was Eisley's reaction to sand:

Not far off from her sister's initial thoughts on sand, though slightly more dramatic.

Briefly, after our encounter with the unbelievable blue hue of the water, Ruby and her Daddy dance to a song being played at nearby Senor Frog's, as Jimmy tells her it was one of Grandpa Larry's favorites.

After the circus of an attempted beach photo, we ventured to the touristy part right off the dock.  We browsed quickly, but every store had cutesy and irritating little poems illustrating the simple point: You break it, you buy it.  For some reason, this caused a little shopping anxiety with a monkey-armed baby, and a busy Ruby.  I did buy my favorite vanilla (seriously, I can't do the imitation any more - it's just not fair to the cookies), and we taxied downtown.

We met the rest of the familiy at Carlos'n Charlie's; home of drinks by the yard, creepy clowns making really excellent balloon hats for tips, and great music.  After a menagerie of Mexican food and just enough of a fruity drink to be dangerous, we left to shop a bit more and head back to our ship.

Tiki Starbucks?!  We had no choice but to try (possibly one of the most delicious peppermint mocha frappucinos I have ever tasted).  Conveniently, Diamonds International was right across the way; it actually would have been frowned upon for me to not at least look.

Look I did.  I actually am quite fluent in Diamond, and one particular ring practically begged me to take it home with me.

Merry Christmas to me!  Poor Jimmy - all he wanted was a frappucino.  He should have known better.  And we were rewarded with cookies - what a deal!

For his husband of the year efforts, we got another frappucino before catching a taxi and heading back to the ship.

We found ourselves doing this as we set sail:

I happen to be exactly the same mini golfer that I was when I was five - really excellent, that is.  I only hit the guy touching up paint nearby twice.  It's times like this when I can most relate to Happy Gilmore.

We ran into Meredith and Genny playing basketball on the same deck.

As always, getting ready for dinner was a grand time; overtired Eisley, Ruby practicing ballet moves in the tiniest of spaces, and having far too little time (and room).

We made it to dinner and the show was done by the ship's dancers and singers.

Pizza, pastries, and soda might have been inhaled for the third night in a row.

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