Monday, December 5, 2011

weather and news of various kinds

First of all, let's get something terrible out of the way:

I would like Christmas to be snowy without the negative temperatures, if anyone is taking requests.

There's something most special about my girls grasping hands over top of me as they wind down for bed.  It's something we do every night; books, snuggles, and sometimes we fall asleep together before Ruby moves to her own bed.  I can't get over the love my girls have for one another; the way their chubby hands grasp, their little feet intertwined.

Last night, Eisley fell asleep, and it was sort of like a slumber party for me and Ruby; so many giggles.  She told me stories about Larry the Bird.  At one point, she looked at me very seriously and said, "What's that on your eye?"  I knew what was coming.  She said, "You have the TV on your eye!"  Funny enough, I remember being her age, telling my grandma the exact same thing about the reflection in her glasses; only Modern Family was an ancient nintendo baseball game.  I can remember my grandma's chuckle from that moment so clearly.

Saturday evening found me the sickest I have ever been in my life.  From what I can only assume, I had the beginning of mastitis, which knocked me completely off of my feet so fast it was slightly scary.  I have never felt so awful and briefly pondered if I was on my deathbed.  I never want to feel like that again.  Four comforters and freezing, unable to walk or even pull myself up in bed, aches like I have never known.  Did I mention I was home with both kiddos by myself?  This is actually not the first time that I had this aching feeling turn into a painful handful of hours, but the other time wasn't half as bad.  Eisley's latching issues have caused some serious issues; I'm not sure if I can point the blame on her, but it sure seems so.

In fun news: we had fun with sweet Abigail this afternoon:

 Eisley will probably not have that much hair until she is three - I love that they all look so different.

In amazing news: my dermatology results are finally clear (third time's a charm).  So glad to have that off of my shoulders.

In random news: I cannot stomach avocados.  Still.  I fought the gagging urge hard, but I just can't do it.  Thank you, pregnancy.

Tanning appointments are booked, suitcases are haphazardly filled with necessities and summer clothing.  Ruby can't talk about anything except for the big ship, and after tonight's performance from Eisley at the athletic awards banquet...I'm slightly nervous about the airplane adventures.  This could get really fun.  And by fun, I mean, a lot of dirty looks shot my way.

scenes from Friday night; hardcore Ants in the Pants.


The other night when I was so sick, Ruby was really concerned.  She said, "I love you everrrrry day.  I love you so much every SINGLE day."

Her alphabet song generally skips e, f, and g.....ellla ellla elllla p.....P, U, V.  And at the end of it all, she always throws in the most random...WOOF!

She has started drawing faces which thrills me.  Today, she drew a "mountain goat" with about eighty legs:

These are exhibits of various "boys":

(and an obvious "e and l")

We spent today running errands, delivering treats to special people in our community, and scheduling various appointments.  The to do list is dwindling.  So are my allotted hours of sleep.

Christmas is nearly here, Caribbean sun is nearly here, and then it will be 2012.  Unreal.

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