Monday, December 19, 2011

resurfacing briefly.

I am baaaack.  Seven and a half pounds heavier too.  I'm detoxing and having serious withdrawal symptoms which include the sheer horror of watching new places jiggle.

There is something rude about scenery changes over breakfast; I went from oatmeal and glistening waves to oatmeal with a side of gigantic snowflakes.  Lets not forget the service.  Why has no one picked up my oatmeal bowl yet?

We were welcomed home with less than inviting weather, a round of sore throats, a dead fish, and eighty bazillion loads of laundry to do before we turn around and make the Christmas trek across Kansas.

Eisley welcomed two teeth and the ability to clap and pull up in the last nine days.  She had her fill of fruits, bread, and cheese while big sister filled up on crazy amounts of macaroni and cheese and chocolate ice cream covered in chocolate syrup.

I have well over a thousand pictures to look through and words to scribble next to.  If only I still had room service and dinner service.  And bar service.  And cooking service.  With Ben & Jerry's access and pizza with cute little pastries twenty four hours a day.  And a side of warm weather.

Time should just stand still for a little bit.  Time should also let me travel backwards.  Being in 80 degree weather so close to Christmas made things a little wonky.  I am down to hours to finish everything now.

I hope to resurface again soon.

How's this to tide you over?

1 comment:

CajunFleur said...

I wrapped gifts today in shorts, b/c it's 70+ degrees outside here. SO OVER IT!

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