Wednesday, December 28, 2011

christmas catch up

In case I have a mid life crisis and decide to take my problems out back with some cigarettes, I will have to remember the Christmas I spent feeling like I had smoked for eighty years.  Fiery lungs and the inability to take a deep breath for days is not something I ever want to experience for a long period of time.  On a bright note, I think I'm right on the verge of those six pack abs I've always wanted.

Christmas can be summed up by one fitting word: germy.  I have never been surrounded by such illness: stomach bugs, head colds, sore throats.  With a sinus infection.  Cheers!

I am about to test the durability of my washer with the sheer amount of clothes and things it must disinfect. Coincidentally, I'm also testing my sanity with some really cheery kid tunes on repeat (thanks, Great Grandma Shirley!), the whole laundry thing.  Have we ever discussed the amount of hatred I hold for laundry?  


While I continue to organize thousands of pictures in which the Caribbean becomes mixed with gift and other Christmas pictures, and I sort through respective memories worthy of keeping forever, know this:

In two and a half weeks, roughly 2,220 miles in the car, 1,870 miles in a plane, 2,860 on a boat with two small children...I'm still alive, with only a possibility that there are more a few more gray hairs sitting atop my head.  As it turns out, I'm fluent in shopping language in three other countries, I am quite good at nursing gymnastics in a moving vehicle, and I have nearly perfected the art of catching projectile vomit to minimize the mess.

An unfairly quick summary of the last week: I think Eisley will have a Kleenex complex for life, I will be mastering the art of whoopie pies in 2012, there is nothing cuter than cousins in their Christmas jammies...except for big cousins trying to wrangle their smaller siblings in the name of a good picture.  We are incredible spoiled, I am able to taste food again for the first time in a week.  My teeth don't feel like they are rotting out of my head, and I'd be happy not to get in the car again for two months.  Driving through the night with the wind, ice, and blowing snow to keep you company is unfair.  Eisley claps, waves, and is the proud owner of six pearly whites. My family is amazing.

Oh, and I have a wicked obsession with aviator hats for the time being.

How is she so big?!

I'll be back in time for great intentions in the form of hopeless New Year's Resolutions.  I'm mostly full of it.  I hope to be back before then.

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