Wednesday, November 30, 2011


One tooth has almost broken through (again).  I'm looking for someone to trade me something to sleep with.  Up for trade: screaming toddler, restless, fussy baby, snoring husband, and puppy that burrows.  I think I would sleep with an alligator over that combination.

I'm on an organizing mission of the most serious kind; nothing will get in my way.  Not even peeing your pants, stuffing the toilet full of a half roll of toilet paper, or tearing various summer clothing out of your closet to layer in the most fashionable of ways.

I can't believe the next time we wake, we will be in December.  Cruise, Christmas, and family.

Eisley is certain she can walk Mowgli style and becomes frustrated when she realizes she isn't quite there, nor is she quite able to pull herself up despite her persistent desires.  My favorite is when she hears me coming and laughs and laughs and she tries her best to crawl at a personal best pace.  She is a clown, delighting in the smiles and reactions from others; I'm so curious to watch her personality continue to unfold.


After taking her headband out, "My hair is tired."

"I'm not three anymore."  What are you?  "I am four."

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CajunFleur said...

I had to chuckle out loud at the half roll of toilet paper stuffed in the toilet. Little girls are such funny creatures, aren't they?

Alesi went thru the night terrors but I only had her to handle, not another little one on top of that. I wish you good luck :)

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