Monday, November 28, 2011

on sleep deprivation and other developments.

Between night terrors and teeth that are s-l-o-w-l-y breaking their way through, I may never sleep again. If you haven't dealt with night terrors, please stop reading this and count your blessings.  It's stressful and terrifying and exhausting.  We're trying something a little new tonight, and the bags underneath my eyes are desperate for it to improve things.  I think I finally know why older people always get up so early (this used to boggle my mind that people would get up so early for no reason at all).  It must be because their bodies were so used to no sleep for so long, they no longer need to sleep in in the morning.  That's so going to be me one of these days.  In like eighteen years.

Miracle of all miracles, the camera allergies have disappeared and I managed to get one good picture of both girls looking.  Not necessarily both smiling, but they are both looking without appearing to be in pain, in tears, or Eisley's monkey arms blurry.  Before I changed my mind, Christmas cards were put together and paid for.  Along with some calendars and kindle deals at prices I couldn't pass up,  I'd say I did a small amount of retail therapying today.  

I also made fudge...and added some homemade marshmallows.  And I'm totally going to eat some before bed.

A very girly inspired package of accessories arrived from a dear friend; a get together in the works with another; a road trip or two in the near future.  It's the little things that matter most; I hope to always keep this in perspective.

My to do list is dwindling, and I'm finally feeling ready.  Ready to let loose in the cruise world, in the sand and the sun, and with people most dear to me.  Clothes are slowly being piled, first aid things, paperwork, and other necessities.  I can't believe it's finally approaching.

Fudge calls my name.  So does a long, hot shower with my favorites from Lush.

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