Wednesday, November 2, 2011

of to dos and Christmas plans

Winter is swooping into life with all of it's glittery snow, peppermint-themed splendor.  With it comes so many things I welcome freely; snuggly mornings with an extra mug of steaming coffee and squishy baby feet tucked into my lap.  Christmas shopping from my bedroom, as we indulge in the latest drama of the Grey's Anatomy cast.  I'm doing my best to hold out until Thanksgiving for Christmas decor to spruce up the digs.  However, I will be an accomplished Christmas shopper by that time, so it's hard to say when the Christmas spirit will make itself completely irresistible.

Tomorrow brings the eight month milestone for my littlest.  One week from tomorrow brings the three year milestone for my biggest; though soon I will need to refer to her as my eldest at the rate that Eisley is playing catch up.

Today, preparations for Ruby's birthday party are in full swing.  Though it will be fairly simple, there are are plenty of caterpillar-themed things to do.  Plenty of hidden treasures purchased throughout the year await in various places inside of our closet.  Let the fishing games begin.

As the birthday countdown continues, I answer questions daily about who will share Ruby's big caterpillar cake.  That, and questions about anyone and everyone and their respective genders as well as their size.  "Are you a big girl, mom?"  The diets of various animals has been the latest addendum on the WHY agenda.  That, and the whereabouts of various relatives and other people she can think of.

The fun of snow has been discovered, despite turning her fair cheeks fire red as they burn with the cold.  Perhaps, I can send her out with her Daddy to make some snow angels while I accomplish necessary things.

As Christmas season comes into focus, we are planning our list of random acts of kindness; I am thrilled to teach my girls about the people and things that so many take for granted.  Since my Christmas shopping plans are to be completely finished by Thanksgiving, we will focus on giving thanks and spreading joy for the entire month of December.

Today is a perfect day for busy little hands to work inside; both mine and Ruby's.  Crochet patterns fight for my attention as I try and narrow down my options.

A second mug full of peppermint infused coffee and I might be able to conquer the world.

I'll try and clean my house first.


Anonymous said...

Can I just take a moment to tell you how much I love your blog? First of all, your little girls are ADORABLE. And I love the fact that the simple joys of life are celebrated in each and every post.

I hope you all are having a lovely day! :)

Unknown said...

Just arrived at your blog for the first time from BlogHer and I LOVE it! I'll be back.
Love, your 61st follower :)

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