Saturday, November 12, 2011

of joy and a girl's day out.

If motherhood were boyscouts, I would have earned my poison control badge tonight.  A terrifying and monumental moment, with the sweetest man on the other side of the telephone.  As it turns out, an eight month old should not be playing with earring aftercare solution, should the bottle decide to fail and spill out under the cap.

And why do we have this in our possession?

After months of mom earring envy, Ruby's third birthday arrived; the significance of which was getting her ears pierced (along with the opportunity to hold up those three fingers while emphatically saying FWEEEE! when age-inspired questions were asked).  I had warned her about there being a hard pinch in her ears to get the holes there, but then it would be over.  She didn't flinch, no tears were shed, and she spent the remainder of our girl's day out inspecting her new sparklies in every mirror we passed.

Clearance racks containing summery clothing were a highlight, as we hiked our way through Kohl's (with a brief stop in front of at least five mirrors).  Cold Stone, Puss in Boots in 3D, and a sticky hands venture at Sam's were the highlights.  Fine, so the accidental theft of a DVD and the mortifying walk back into the store wasn't exactly a thrill.

I have been drawn to the green and white sign that emblazons my favorite coffee multiple times this week.  Peppermint and mocha bring so much joy to my life, I passed it on and paid for the car behind me.  Reflections on various things in my life make me realize how many blessings have been bestowed upon me.  Sadly, there are things and people in my life that aren't great and full of joy; I'm purging and working to better myself in that regard.  

And as if the donning of new earrings wasn't a big enough milestone for the baby book, we took the plunge and the scissors met the blonde ringlets for the very first time today.  I took off teeny tiny amounts all over, and had to cut a chunk of her bangs, because the ends were dreadful.  Yogurt, fruit residue, and granola bars don't do the area of her hair well.

In other random news:

- I am creating a giant purple elephant with the help of a tiny crochet needle, and um, the loss of my mind.  And by giant, I do believe the size might be slightly disappointing given the number of hours put into the creation.  I hope Mr. Claus is thrilled I am doing all of his work for him.  

-I am fairly certain I have rather significant nerve damage leftover from pregnancy.  Eight months out, and it's still here; I'm scared of the extensiveness.

-Monday will mark my third trip to the dermatologist for a) stupid mole that will not disappear and b) vascular birthmark on Eisley's temple to be thoroughly examined.  Fun times

-I am 75% done Christmas shopping

-A move is in our future...and I cannot wait.

-I bought eight bottles of peppermint mocha creamer at Target.  Oops?

-11:11 on 11/11/11 found me somewhere in the throes of nature, out gallivanting the countryside and feeding woodland creatures of various shapes and sizes for Mom and Dad, while they were gone.  The second 11:11 found me dead to the world.  A non-sleeping baby ought to do that to you.

-Eisley's gums continue to tease about forthcoming teeth, though there are none to show for their efforts. Top and bottom, I have seen ridges on the bottom, but they have since disappeared.  It would be nice to get this over with.


As Ruby wore her Princess crown and swung her wand around madly, she told Jimmy he was the king, I was the queen, and she was the princess.  When Jimmy asked her what Eisley was, she very quickly and nonchalantly replied, "A pig."

Oh, however mean this may sound...can I just say how funny it was to hear Jimmy tell me how impossible it was to accomplish anything today while he had Eisley...?  Should the thought ever cross his mind about how much work is done in a day, I think it will rapidly disappear.  He didn't even have the other half!

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CajunFleur said...

You are such a very blessed woman and what a treat that you pass along your blessing to others via a good nature pass it on gesture.

I wish we lived closer, b/c then after a while I'd have to call you my BFF b/c well you rock and you'd love me too, I know it! :)

Did you find Christmas outfits for the girls yet?

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