Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Ruby spins countless circles through the living room with her messy pigtails showing signs of the day's play twirling beneath her makeshift necklace crown. Giggles interrupt spelling her own name and various others'.

Pippi chases alien creature that she has never encountered as I try my best to dodge her pounces with each swipe of the broom. The girls find this to be the most hilarious comedy.

Ruby discusses naming her pending elf visitor Cinci, I ponder the chances of her being a closet Cincinnati fan. Or perhaps she meant Scentsy and has taken after my compulsive scent collecting (hoarding).

Purchasing new paper crafting things along with Lush goodies; I can only hope to use one of the two before the new year. Or within the next entire year.

Other random fun:

Christmas music
Ruby making up songs about how much she loves Jesus
Peace Tea
yarn, and the projects that come with it
Pinterest Recipes
Ruby's abstract self portraits and video blogs on the iPad.
Logic puzzles and the kindle while cozied up next to snuggly little ones.
Peppermint hot chocolate and lattes topped with homemade marshmallows


As Ruby adjusted what I assumed to be an underwear issue for the third time, I asked her, "What's wrong with your bottom?" She said, "There is a line in it." Is there a place in the baby book for discovery of the crack?

As Eisley fussed her disapproval at my feet, I asked her what was wrong. Ruby said, "She's sad because Boo Boo won't play with her." I have yet to figure out who Boo Boo is, but a) the mention of "him" (?) embarasses Ruby and b) I wish Boo Boo would come back to entertain Eisley.

Oh and the sick disappeared after a day of ugly symptoms. I'm sure it will be back shortly for me.

And I can see Eisley's top two teeth through her gums. Those can make their appearance any day now. I value my sleep.

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