Sunday, October 23, 2011


You know sleep is precious when you have a dream about winning expired Folgers coffee...and you are over the moon about it.

Today wasn't exactly productive with the things I had in mind.  However, I did knock my Halloween-themed photo shoots off of the agenda and the majority of two hats have been crocheted.  And randomly, I found a fun chair at the local antique place which seems to be more of a year-round garage sale, but who am I to judge?  With my love of spray paint continuing, I sprayed it bright red and love the way it turned out.  This could be fun to start collecting chairs of all shapes, sizes, and colors.  Because space is plentiful 'round these parts.

We had a playdate with Andrea and her boys at the Children's Museum on Friday.  Followed by a lunch date with another friend, a trip to the dry cleaner's where I was told I looked exactly like Chelsea Clinton and I'm almost certain the sound of my jaw hitting the floor was audible.  From there, Hobby Lobby where a stranger stopped me to ask if she could take pictures of the girls' outfits.

Strange day.

This must be noted: Eisley has not spit up in massive quantities for the last week!  Although, now I have a husband that coaches, works, hunts, and lounges with varying attire for each activity which means the laundry situation has not improved.

So, I need a laundry service.  And by that, I mean someone to fold and put away all washed clothes.  And while I'm making unreasonable wishes, can someone please find a way to eat delicious cookies every day and lose weight?  Without, um..working out?  I can't quite get control of the cookie-eating part of life.  Was that obvious?

I picked up more fabric and Christmas ornaments to paint.  Because clearly, I didn't have enough on my plate already.  I'm actually quite bored with house cleaning, Halloween planning, birthday party creating, Holiday thinking, Christmas shopping, and vacation planning.


Ruby, after cleaning her play kitchen area, "It's all cleeeean, honey!"  Honey has made quite the debut in her vocabulary lately.

Several days ago, Ruby called Jimmy by what she believes to be his full name, "Jimmy Elliana"  It reminds me of the Friends episode where it comes out that Phoebe believes they use "Pheebs" as an endearing term for everyone rather than a cutesy nickname for herself.

Also, this crown and "magic wand" have made a bold appearance in our household after being discovered in Target.  Ruby wore the crown to dinner last night.  Jimmy's quickly getting used to this princess charade.

Her royal highness was clearly not impressed with something.

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