Sunday, October 9, 2011

on the agenda.

Yesterday, I all but ripped my fingernail off trying to buckle Ruby's carseat.  I would rather give birth than ever have that happen again.  As I ran home and up the steps to trim it and grab a bandaid, I managed to fall down the stairs because I'm just that awesome.  I feel like I worked out for hours on the treadmill yesterday; my leg is so sore.

We spent yesterday tailgating at the high school football game.  With lunchables.  And coloring books.

Ruby and I went on a date last night to see Winnie the Pooh in which it looked like we rented out the theatre and subsequently were served fish-flavored popcorn as our prize for coming.

The biggest news of the weekend (and the reason we tailgated in such a lame fashion) is it SNOWED all weekend.  I'm not ready for the golds, and reds, and oranges to be replaced with naked branches and freezing weather.  Not yet.

Eisley spent the weekend perfecting her inch-worming and getting into Ruby's toys.  Ruby can hear her a mile away and always comes running, "No nooooo, Eisley."

My brain is torn.  Do I craft, do I bake things that I shouldn't eat anyway, or do I spend a cozy day with my critters reading and drinking entirely too much coffee?  I'm pretending my house is completely spotless and therefore needs absolutely no attention at all.  Also, my leg needs to heal properly.  Crochet hook, it looks like it's you and me for the first time in months.


Ruby's name for her sister has recently evolved from something sounding very similar to Aussie to something that sounds quite elegant and redneck at the same time (don't ask): Eisallllie.

My favorite thing to listen to Ruby say these days is, "Eisley (Eisallllie), YOO HOOO. Little worm!"  This is said about twelve times a day.  And it's said more like "EisleyYOOHOOOLi'lWorm!"

When we were at Aunt Sara's house last weekend, my Dad told Ruby she needed to clean her plate to have dessert.  She thought he said to clean her face and started to wipe at her face with her napkin.  When I repeated what he had said, she looked at him, looked back at her napkin, and then looked at her plate.  Do you seriously want me to clean my plate with this?

Two nights ago, Ruby and I were searching for dinner options.  When I asked her what we should have for dinner and she said, "Umm, candy bars!"  The kid has never even had a candy bar, much less for a meal.

eisley, yooo hooo, little worm!

the clean plate

candy bars for the dinner

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