Tuesday, October 25, 2011

of various things.

Know what's humbling?  Knowing that one time, in all of my completely desperate 39 week pregnant glory, I ran (well, you know...waddled) 35 sets up stairs (up and down as one).  The number I managed today? TEN.


Project Get Yo Skinny On has been thrust into the rush order pile, because I will soon be amongst scantily clad and tanned people looking all beautiful in the sand and the sun; neither of which I could pull off at this moment.  As the Caribbean vacay nears, I'll be getting close with some weight watcher's meals and my knowledge of portion control.  I'm fairly certain that cookies for breakfast (and snacks and desserts) don't fall into either category.  I'm fairly certain diving headfirst into the buffet and delicious foodies on the cruise doesn't either, but you only live once.

In other news, we are tearing off chains for the big countdown to Ruby's birthday.  We have made our way to 16.  Sixteen days until my baby is three.  Slightly less than that until her party and the invitations have become part of some disappearing act.  I'm about to get all tacky and start calling people for in lieu of invitations.

Eisley is starting to gum various foods; tiny bits of fruit, shredded cheese, and puffs.  This buys me some bonding time with my dishwasher in the mornings.  Watching her move her jaw like she's chewing with her two tiny teeth is humorous for whatever reason.  

It has only taken me three hours to finish documenting such things.  Somehow, I was distracted by cake pops, dishes, photos, and dinner.

This kid looks like she's ready for junior high. Um, well you know - minus the monogrammed dress and huge bow.


"Mom, I'm gonna scare you."  She disappears around the corner. RAWRRRRR.

Random: in case you thought I had completely bald babies.

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