Tuesday, September 20, 2011

sweet sisters swinging

In thirty years, my children won't care about the state of the house they grew up in, or whether or not their mom looked like a homeless person.  I would rather them be filled with sweet memories of our time together, rather than being brushed off to sweep the floors for the 10th time in a day.

So today, I left piles of clean laundry, a sink full of dishes, and a floor that was desperately seeking a broom and mop treatment. We snuggled, we sang songs, we read stories, and went to the park.

Eisley swung on a big swing for the first time.  She could have spent hours in there, watching the gravel beneath her and searching for her sister's beaming face behind the squeals.

Some day, my children will look back on the park with fond memories.  The smell of grass, the brilliant blue of the sky, the jagged cut of the mountains separating us from the rest of the world, the feel of sweet, chubby hands intertwined.  I am in love with their innocence and joy over such little things.

Ruby refused to do the slide, because "the slide is too creaky."  She did spin on the merry-go-round, bounced on the horse, and um, chased birds:

Prior to our park outing, Eisley gave avocados a try.  I will never forget the day that avocados made me as sick as their color.  I was only about six weeks pregnant and Jimmy was really into making this salad with avocados.  Green Goddess something or other.  Thinking about it now makes my mouth start to water and starts my stomach churning.  More than a year later, I am so turned off of avocados that I fear I may have been ruined for life.

Eisley feels quite similarly and decided spitting them halfway across the room after shivering from the taste was a grand idea.

I'm not in a place to encourage her to like them.  I gave them to Jimmy and told him to go crazy making salads.

I feel sick thinking about them.

Tomorrow, we are off to do more exploring before I get home and clean the house from top to bottom.  I like too much on my plate and am hosting a fun party this weekend.  Silly me forgot I have an absent husband for these months while football has his attention.  Time to get creative with the cleaning situation.  Two year old housekeeper anyone?

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