Sunday, September 18, 2011

stream of thoughts

Y'know what would be awesome?  If you could achieve that lovely tousled "bedhead" look by um, actually sleeping.  That would save me a lot of time, but instead my hairs use the bed to act out Attack of the Electrical Socket.

Know what else would be awesome?  People in Sam's Club that don't shove you (plus your overstuffed cart, your singing two year old, and your husband with the sleeping baby) out of the way to get to Receipt Lady first.

I suppose someone who could do my laundry would really be great too.


I have all but scheduled a date to Trash the Dress.  I wasn't the type to preserve my wedding dress in a box that wouldn't see daylight for the rest of its existence.  Our moms have all saved theirs as if the puffy sleeves would remain a fixture in wedding fashion.  We all know how we feel about those.  My girls will probably scoff at the idea, and not to mention I am bound to be the shortest person in my family by several inches.

So, Project: Get Yo Skinny On is about to commence.  I will be squeezing myself into that dress come hell or high water next summer, and you can bet we will be tromping through mud, water, and mountains as an excuse to wear my dress again.  A celebration of sorts.  Five wedded years; this time we will use a seasoned photographer and have captured moments to have forever.

An assortment of other things despite the fact that my eyes are burning with exhaustion at this moment and I have about ten tons of laundry to put away.  I think I'd rather light myself on fire than do laundry...what's up with that wretched chore?  It's my least favorite.


We froze at the football game yesterday.  The mountains were blanketed with a heavy gray curtain likely hiding the snow falling.  Goodbye, summer.

I might need help for my pumpkin addiction.

And pinterest while we're seeking help.

Oh, and have I discussed Isa?  Adventures with Isa in our house are interesting.  Ruby has an imaginary friend - Isa - that ranges from six inches to three feet tall, she often "paints on her body or the door" and she is nearly famous for taking up space on the toilet so Ruby cannot go.  I'm anxiously awaiting the almost guaranteed future instances where Isa must be blamed for problems.

My favorite day this week?  Pajama night + wine + homemade mac and cheese + movie + Sarah and Abigail.

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