Saturday, September 24, 2011

of sleep and other developments

My baby slept until nine this morning.  And instead of utilizing that precious time to catch up on my sleep, I sat there and watched her, completely befuddled at this unnatural event.  Not only am I dealing with the tag team of opposing sleep schedules, but Ruby now wakes up in the middle of every night to go the bathroom where she throws The Fit of all fits.  Think dying chicken banging on the floor repeatedly. It's dreadful to listen to anytime, but at 3 am, I'd like to jump out the nearest window.

You know you're grasping the multitasking thing when you can paint your nails, and pick up your baby to feed her without smudging.  That's not to say there isn't streaks of maroon across baby's sock.

Chunky Monkey has nearly hit the twenty pound mark.  I need to retire the swing (sadly).  At least it's one less thing to trip on in the middle of the night.  I am convinced it's the rolls that make her top heavy and thus, unable to to sit up for long periods of time.  But they don't keep her from scooting.  She's fairly mobile which means life is about to get slightly more interesting.  Just when I thought I had things slightly figured out.

And one last Eisley note: she has two teeth and loves to brush them.

There's a pounding in my head.  The hammering on the roof across the street amidst the strange silence that has taken up residence in my house is almost too much to handle.  It's a far cry from the laughter and conversation that took place here just hours ago as we had girl's night in with sangria and enough food to feed an army.  I should have just called it a Pinterest Party because everything for it was inspired by that site that has left my house a wreck.  Instead, it was a favorite things party and an excuse to try too many new recipes while leaving the kiddos all at home.

I'm taking the day off of from laundry obligations and round the clock maid service to a two year old, and exploding-from-both-ends-on-repeat six month old.  Sushi and movie date with Sarah and Abbi!


As my mom got ready to leave last night, Ruby said to her, "Watch out for dinosaurs!"  This has recently evolved from "Be careful!  Watch out for deers!  Watch out for peoples!"

Several days ago, Ruby put her hands on her hips and said to Jimmy, "I don't like your attitude right now."  Wonder where she has heard that before.

Just for dramatic effect, Ruby has started saying, "I can never do (fill in the blank) AGAIN!" when she is angry.  She also often adds "Woooie" to the beginning and/or end of her sentences.

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