Tuesday, September 6, 2011

football. and fall.

It's fall today.  I had to get up to turn the fan off early this morning because our quilted bedspread and my personal little furnace baby wasn't enough to keep me warm  The leave outside are slowly changing, it's too cold for tank tops, and football season is here!

We spent the weekend doing football things; we spent Saturday tailgating with my parents, and then went to the Air Force football game.  Wings, dip, fresh fruit, cookies, and brownies.  My favorite part of football season must be the food.  Ruby slept the first half, Eisley managed to rub the sunscreen off of her face, and my allergies were brutal.  Somewhere along the way, the college football experience has done a one eighty.

Yesterday, I wasted time investing fake interest in fantasy football for the fifth (mistake) year in a row.  Team name = Bone Crushing Ballerinas if that's any indication to how tough we are.  When all else fails, choose the good-looking ones.  This philosophy has obviously not proved to be worthy in the past.  We lack in the general managing.

Eisley celebrated the half a year mark with a sippy cup and some rice cereal.  How is this even happening?

The cereal?  Here's how it all went down:

And while I'm at it, another snippet of a typical morning:

The coffee pot racket in the background makes this seem like it was filmed in the bathroom.

She is becoming quite proficient at grabbing for things that she wants; her favorite place to be while I'm working in the kitchen is right next to me, grabbing for spoons and spatulas.

The countdown for cousin fun is on; soon we'll be in hot Kansas where fall has yet to make an appearance.

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