Saturday, September 3, 2011

Dear Eisley

Hi my little Chubbalub,

Half a year, we made it.  Sleepless nights and little productivity but lots of baby smiles and snuggles more than make up for it.  You are an amazing addition to our family.

It's hard to believe I ever worried about you being so tiny.  You were so small at birth, your tiny little bird legs couldn't even give you a proper butt crack.  To save further embarassment, I won't describe the appearance of it now, but suffice to say you have plenty of chub to create one at this point.  You have so many rolls on your arms, legs, and chin that I have to remind your daddy to dry in between each one after your baths.

I just have to say, you have the best smile!  Your smile lights up everything, and the dimples make it so irresistible.  Your sister makes you smile a lot; when she jumps around, comes flying at you, and sings crazy songs, you laugh and laugh at her.  You also like funny BOO! sounds and pat-a-cake usually elicits a giggle.  And tickling always does.  As long as you are being held, you are generally a very happy baby.  If Ruby is around, you are a little ball of pure glee and baby shrieks.

Your hands and feet are a new source of interest; you can grab your feet and you watch your fingers move in and out of your line of sight.  You are a master at taking your pacifier out and putting it back in and you don't seem to mind an upside down pacifier.  Sometimes, it's more fun to just gnaw on.  This is best done while you grunt loudly, and preferably while we are in an otherwise quiet meeting or event.  You have used your hands to grab spoons and toys and they find their way to your mouth in no time.  Drool, drool, droooool.  It's everywhere; I keep waiting to see tiny teeth, but so far, you're all talk.

The sucked in bottom lip and fake cough have made an appearance this month.  You still startle quite easily, there are about ten times every day that Ruby causes you to jump.  She also gets things awfully close to your face, and you blink your eyes, turn your mouth into a pouty face with puffed up cheeks and shake your little arms.  Then you smile.

You are in a huge MOM phase which is endearing and annoying all at once.  If Daddy has you, he must be moving at all times.

We're still working on the sleeping thing.  This has been the worst month of your life (that sounds so dramatic, but you're only six months old!) for sleeping.  You used to sleep so well at night, and you have always been sort of a finicky napper.  I can deal with one or the other, but not both.  The miracle blanket is living up to its name and slowly building up my sleep bank.  You love to be wrapped up as tight as possible, but you often get hot (even naked) and it's much harder for this paranoid mom to check your breathing.  Sometimes, you have a hard time winding down which is still something we are adjusting to; you and Ruby are polar opposites when it comes to sleeping (and many other things).

You are quite mobile, though you don't actually crawl.  You roll over from back to tummy, tummy to back, and you can rotate yourself in all directions.  I have no doubt you will be sitting up unassisted and crawling or scooting by the time you hit seven months.

With solids, road trips, and impending physical milestones in the near future, I know the next month will keep me on my toes.  As long as I get to wake up to that big dimpled grin, your loud jabbers, and you using your newly discovered fingers to pat my face.

You are an amazing tiny person.  Six more months and we'll be celebrating your first year.  Somehow, I feel like I have known you my entire life.  You are perfect, and we love you so much.


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