Tuesday, September 6, 2011

another one for the baby book.

Yesterday, rice cereal.  Today, pretzel sticks and cheese.  Oh Eisley, aren't you growing quickly enough?  Thanks to big sister for the help in expanding your horizons as far as your palate is concerned.  So far, there are no evident dairy allergies.

And bigger news, the end of gummy smiles is near.  A tiny tooth is making an appearance on her bottom right side.  This should be a fun wrench to throw into nursing; can't wait for her to figure out how her little chompers work.

For now, I must soak up the toothless grins; they are going as quickly as they arrived.  And I feel like sobbing.  The good news is, the charm and the dimples will follow that smile around forever.

And in other good news; she doesn't seem to be a grumpy teether.  Extra snuggles, I'm totally up for.  Screaming baby, not so good for the prevention of gray hair or keeping my sanity.  For now, we'll indulge in snunggles, ice, and teething tablets if needed.

In other unrelated news, I have to go run eighty sets of stairs because I have eaten my weight in cookie dough and dip today.  Hey, we all cope differently.

And in case you wondered about Ruby's first pearly white, go here.  Ruby was about a month older when she got her first one.

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