Thursday, August 18, 2011

sleep deprived & other fun

Remember those villages surfacing beneath my eyes?  They are now the size of an over-populated country.  Sadly, the coffee only masks the yawns, and not the beaten appearance.  I have got to figure out something about our sleeping habits.  It's not so much the quantity, but the quality is a serious issue.

Here, look:

Note the arm-flapping motion that begins around the halfway point.  Now, imagine this magnified by 1000 along with the legs and it's like sleeping with a living seizure.  Warm bath, baby massage, and swaddling are on my list of bedtime to dos tonight.  Not only are the fists to the face a serious discomfort, but she wakes herself up repeatedly at this point.  Perhaps some tiny baby yoga poses are in our future?

Yesterday, Ruby went with my parents to pick up Moo from the airport.  I had nearly four hours of time uninterrupted to spend with my cleaning supplies, a happy baby, and a husband.  It's amazing that my life has come to such excitement over a clean house, but I could have done celebratory backflips on my bed after Jimmy and I got done with our list.

This is almost as bad as talking about the weather, isn't it?

 Such is life with two small, very demanding children.

At least they are cute.  Extremely so:

And just for fun, Eisley in her typical chatty mood:

Also, sleep deprivation will never take away my appreciation for my two sweet girls together.  Hearing Ruby every morning, "Good morning, Eisley!" as Eisley grins back with pure adoration.  Ruby tells her she is beautiful and kisses her, Eisley screeches in response.

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Misty said...

Relatively new follower...first time posting. But had to say, I love shirts the girls are wearing. Your sweet babies are SUPER cute.

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