Monday, August 1, 2011


the 3-D glasses were insisted upon for the walk to the park.  everything's better in rainbows, afterall.

our butterflies were beautiful, but we let them go last week.  We sure had fun watching the caterpillar>chrysalis>butterfly cycle.

How in the world is it August?  I am so glad that I don't have a job to return to this month, and unbelievably thankful for the opportunity to stay home and play.  Some day, I will find the perfect combination of play and [house] work, but for now laundry reproduces while I sleep, dishes dirty themselves, and the toys don't put themselves away.  We play the days away with magnet dollhouses, swimming pools, bubbles, bike rides, art projects, and picnics at Ama's house.

Crafty ideas fill my head, vacation dreams linger in the form of scribbled possibilities on random notepads, I wait for my package full of fall-scented goodness.  Anticipation of fall.  Squeezing last minute plans to the zoo in, rounding up long sleeved clothing.

Where did the summer go?

It came in sneakily, and left in the form of drippy popsicle smiles, sisters laughing over bedtime stories, hot pool days, vacations to the hottest place on earth, picnic lunches, squealing trips down the yellow slides, ikes a me me me (that's ice cream for all of you that aren't fluent in Ruby), weddings, new babies, and baking, crafting, and snuggling with my girls.


Jeremy has renamed Jeremy and Sarah's dog.  He has gone from Maverick to Maggot.  Doesn't it have a nice ring?

I was making pizza dough and put a small amount of sugar in.  Ruby exclaimed, "What is that?  SPARKLES?!"

During the mundane tasking of pumping, Ruby came up and asked, "You pumping you boob?!

Ruby's pronunciation of the word "diamond" would elicit some double takes from strangers.  I can assure you she does not have the mouth of a sailor, rather a fascination with shapes.

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