Wednesday, August 31, 2011

rebelling against wordless wednesday

So, I'm a huge blabbermouth.  I have too much to say to commit to just pictures today.  What I really want to do is leave the kiddos to themselves and go sit in a hot bath with a good book.  Given that Ruby has no concept of personal space and spends many hours a day flapping, swinging, and screeching in Eisley's face, I'll have to make do with a book on the couch and being interrupted with songs.  This morning, she sang to me, "I neeeed you to get me water, no milk, milk milk."  On repeat.

Last night, Ruby got to have a sleepover at Ama and Papa's house.  She came home and told me, "It was so fun, Mom."  Evidently, there was also a lot of singing happening last night.  My mom told me she got up on their bed and sang a song about having a baby in her belly and having a great big belly.  It's nice for her to get out of the house where so much of my focus is on a needy little sister.

I am refusing to believe that my baby is going to be half a year old this weekend.  She is a solid chub; legs getting stuck in her bumbo, disappearing neck, and cankles.  I love every last roll on her; we'll see where falls on the charts (or off) when we head to the doctor next week.

Other random tidbits:

I had an oatmeal party in my mouth this morning; recipe soon.
I got 119 points for the word superior on Words with Friends.
I have a ridiculous clothing obsession for the wee people in my house.
As it turns out, I am also becoming a fabric hoarder.
I have a billion things to do this week; I have no business being on here.  Or reading.  Or thinking about 100 different baking and crafting projects.

As Ruby sings, "Smelly hair, smelly hair, smelly hai-ai-ai-ai--airrrrrr" I'm signing off.

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CajunFleur said...

Too precious! oatmeal party sounds delish! Can't wait!

Trying out a new rosemary roasted chicken recipe in the crock pot right now-will tell you how that turns out :)

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