Monday, August 15, 2011

no rest for the wicked

I sincerely hope that what I am about to pick up from the floor is chocolate, and not um, poop.

I am so tired.  My children sense this and take full advantage while expertly tag teaming me with a 7:00 am wake up call from one and 1:00 am bedtime from the other.  Forget bags, I have full blown villages surfacing below my eyes.

Yesterday, after an impromptu trip for sushi and miscellaneous must haves, I had to pull the car over to search for the lost sticker up a certain someone's tiny nostril.  If it was still up there, it has since found a home in a sinus cavity because I couldn't locate it.  I always feel so proud when things like that happen.

BREAKING NEWS: The sticker has been located in the form of a really great sneeze this morning.  I am so glad I didn't know that until it was out.

I have acquired four cans of spray paint in the last month.  I sound like a paint huffer, and maybe for some with sleep deprivation, that would be tempting.  It's actually my Pinterest obsession that has me collecting various colors for projects that continue to keep me up at night.  I made these this weekend:

are these not the most hideous curtains ever?  You'd think after four years of talking about their unfortunate appearance that maybe I could do something about them

I also made this:

and then proceeded to take a horrible picture of it.

I have several other things in mind; it's almost scary to think of doing precise measurements and such while in such a fog, but I'm not one to let stuff like that keep me away from scissors.  And spray paint.


While reading, There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly, Ruby said to me, "That sure is a biiig lady, mom!"  I can only pray that phrase never comes out of her mouth in public.

Looking for her hair stuff, I asked Ruby if she knew where she had put it, and she replied, "I have no idea!"

While on her phone talking to Uncle Jeremy, she paused to tell me, "Uncle Jeremy is just talking about sleeping in the bathtub."

On the way home from dinner out, Ruby said she had a red deer and a green deer (I am not kidding about the imagination that comes with this kid!).  Suddenly she started crying, very convincingly because "Daddy scared my green deer away!"  This went on for minutes before Jimmy had to tell her that they could look for a new green deer.  She has done something similar (the crying) when she dropped her baby on her head in the bathroom.

In Eisley news, she has started sucking in her bottom lip.  And the fake cough epidemic has hit.

It was indeed chocolate on the floor. I am 90% certain.

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leanne said...

I love your creations! And I'm so glad the sticker resurfaced. I think people have come and set up camp in the villages under my eyes!

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