Sunday, August 28, 2011

miracles and other things

The strangest things show up on the list of things Netflix recommends when you live with a Dora & Diego groupie.  Dora and Diego are frequent imaginary companions, and recently Ruby called out, I love you, Diego!" as they swung through the trees in our living room.

The time has come 'round again; I am a football widow until November which means I'm subjected to silly television shows while I snuggle two pretty babies on various nights of the week.

Ruby's most valued customer

Nostalgia has filled my house faster than the cinnamon tartlet in the candle warmer; I find myself grasping for memories, the feelings I had just a year ago as I began to feel a teeny tiny peanut growing inside of me, the feelings of wonder as I grew another human being.  We are about to retire the infant seat, and tearing through both girls' closets made me teary.  My baby is almost six months old; putting her into so many of her sister's outfits brings back sweet memories that only my heart can describe.  Ruby asked to watch some videos of her when she was a baby, so we spent a good hour watching old videos.

If I didn't know better, I would tell you God is using the postal system to send me miracles.  Instead, I had a college friend send me the miracle blanket, and ... it's working miracles.  Two days ago, Eisley took a two hour nap in her crib.  And because I am so brilliant, I sat around in disbelief over this saintly blanket and got absolutely nothing done.  Two hours wasted that day, but I'm on my way back to sanity.

And speaking of the little monkey, her feet have been discovered this week.  That, and the utensil jar on the kitchen counter (thank you, bumbo).  I have also noted intent watching of fingers as she wiggles them in her line of vision.

I have a week of cleaning, crafting, appointments, and shopping.  Oh, and some college football and the fantasy football draft that I'm being coerced into joining for the third year.  The third year of miserable beatings as I pair up with Mom and we pretend to be expert football managers, choosing players based on cool last names and when all else fails, their looks.

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