Sunday, August 21, 2011

little snippets of life

One year ago, I was ready to begin my journey as preschool director.  Only, I was best friends with the toilet, thanks to the whole baby growing thing, and so all I could really focus on was when and where my next "morning sickness" would erupt.  I have exchanged the throwing up for dirty diapers (and a cute baby!), and the job at the school for a job at home.  I am so thankful for the opportunity to raise my girls.  To watch them grow, to show them the world.

We took Moo to college yesterday where I managed to hold it together, though just barely.  My baby sister.  How is she off to college?  Plans for care packages and road trips circle in my brain; I know she's off to do amazing things.

As we said our goodbyes, Ruby told her, "You need to call me back!"  I'm sure frequent skype dates lie in our future.

Speaking of my biggest little one...

One trait that managed to swim through to the offspring with ease is imagination.  I can't get over the things that pass through Ruby's mind and, in turn, out of her mouth.

Two days ago, Ruby played with two baby sleepers (think old school, the ones with drawstrings) tied together.  This was her dog for the night, where she told it to come, and offered it's imaginary puppy fluffs up for petting.

Continuing on with the dog theme, her foot became a dog.  This particular dog was evidently quite yappy because she said, "You stop barking!" on repeat for the first hour home yesterday

After frequent park requests in the car yesterday, Ruby used the red flyer that came with the mini fridge to inform us, "This says go to the park!"  The yellow flier (and string) that accompanied the red one was quickly transformed to a kite.

Ruby drew a very obvious C the other day (and has since colored on the floor and her face, but who is keeping track?).  She told me, "C, cuh cuh, CAT!"

Other recent Rubyisms:

The other night she instructed Jimmy to lay down and close his eyes.  "I have a surprise for you!" came her excited voice.  The obvious sound of her Dora dominoes came and she said, "It's DORRRA!  Now you have to play with me!"

Driving home, two nights ago after Moo's last dinner at home, Ruby kept making exasperated sighing sounds.  I finally asked her what was wrong, and she said, "I can't talk to Ama, UGHHH!"

Sometimes, I still can't believe I am someone's Mom.  Two someones.

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Anonymous said...

Your two girls are so adorable! I love the stories you share with us about them!

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