Tuesday, August 2, 2011

girl behind the glass.

I realize I'm quite partial, but I happen to think I have two extremely cute girls.

Sometime in the last five months, Ruby has completely transformed before my very eyes.  It feels strange to call her a toddler.  She isn't my baby, nor my toddler.  She is my beautiful little girl, so eager to learn, to please, to craft, and to be big sister to Eisley.

She may not resemble my looks, but she certainly got my vivid imagination.  She rescues baby lions from the closet, she gets backpacks unstuck from the heights of huge trees (she always crosses the river on her adventure to rescue something).  Just the other day, she drew a large oval-shaped picture with an adjoining scribble, and she proudly said, "It's a pineapple!"  It certainly did resemble one.

So many times, we hear squeals of, "Eisley is aweeeeeeeek!"  Each time Eisley wakes up from a nap, she becomes elated.  One of the best things about being a mom of two little ones is to see their love for each other.  Ruby has accepted Eisley like she is the love of her life, and I couldn't be any happier to watch their interactions.  I hope they grow up as best friends.

Ruby requests to go to the park and have a picnic daily.  That's just what we'll do today.  Dessert will be followed by some trips down the slide, a round on the merry-go-round, and a ride on the swings.

Ruby's favorite things:

tricycle rides, trips to the park, ice cream, cereal, playing games (memory, UNO, and a color identification game), holding Eisley, coloring and painting, playdough, baking, playing in her kitchen, reading stories, Dora the Explorer, Ama & Papa, and chasing the dogs.

A recent endearing development: Ruby refers to things as her's quite often which isn't all that cute when sharing should be happening.  But I love when she refers to me as "my momma."  I can hear her asking about me, and she'll say, "Where did my momma go?"  She does this with her sister, ama, papa, and daddy too.

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