Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Dear Eisley

Bugga Bugga,

You are a little ray of sunshine.  I have sung You Are My Sunshine to you since the day you were born; it seems as if that song was written with your dimpled smile in mind.  You have a smile that lights up the room.  People all over are eager to comment on it, and subsequently come over to talk to you which you love.  You wait to catch anyone's eye (mostly Ruby's!) and that grin transforms your face.

Your hands have become a huge part of your life in the past month.  You followed Ruby's suit and started drooling like a St. Bernard in the last month, but you gnawing on your fingers only increases all of the drool (no teeth!).  You have also figured out how to take your pacifier out, but can't quite get it back in.  Though, you have been caught getting it in the general vicinity and licking it.  Your hands aren't steady enough to keep it there as long as you want it.  You have also figured out how to get the caterpillar that hangs from your carseat into your mouth.  When the pacifier can't be maneuvered into your mouth, the caterpillar's foot is a superb replacement.

During one of the routine procedures immediately after birth, one of the nurses touched the bottom of your foot.  Immediately, the foot was recoiled, and we talked about how ticklish you were.  Five months later, you are known to collapse in fits of giggles due to the ticklish nature of putting clothes on.  Belly laughs happen often with your boy crazy knees, and ticklish arms.

I can hardly believe you are five months old already.  But from the day you were born, I have looked at you with such wonder.  Your face is so familiar to me, so comforting.  You seem like an old soul, taking in your world as if you already know so much.

Pat-a-cake and singing make you giggle.  But the thing that elicits the most smiles and laughs?  Your sister.  She is the center of your world.  If she could feed you, I think you'd forget about anyone else.  She loves to hold you, read to you, kiss you, and sing to you.

You celebrated the birth of your little cousin, Abbi, by becoming just slightly mobile on that day (July 18th).  You can roll over from your back to your tummy quite well.  Despite some frustration with it in the beginning, you are always rolling these days, and you have flipped yourself back over a couple times too.

I have said it before, but you are extremely people-oriented.  You love to people watch, and in fact, that's about the only thing that will keep you quiet if we have passed your bedtime (which, like clockwork, you continue to put yourself to bed at 8:30 each night so long as we are home).  You are very particular about your bedtime routine; if all of my attention isn't on you, you just can't succumb to the heavy eyes.  You love to have me all to yourself, in a dark (mostly quiet) room, nursing your way into sleepy oblivion while I stroke your hairline and whisper i love yous.  I have weaned you of swaddling blankets for the most part, but you are a restless, light sleeper.  If you aren't sleeping deeply, your arms flail all the time, so we generally sleep huddled really close together so you feel secure.  Aside from sleeping about twelve hours at night, you generally take three naps during the day.  You love your sleep.

In the last few months, you have discovered your voice, and you sure like the sound of it!  We have often talked that you will be our loud child.  You are so vocal and will talk to anyone that will stay and chat with you.  I can't wait to see where that voice, your beautiful smile, and your sweet personality take you.  You are a doll!

You are my sunshine and I love you more than words can say!


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Anonymous said...

She is just beautiful! That bond between siblings is so lovely to watch... and with 4 kids (like I have) it's multiplied! Although the fights are too, sigh...
Donna from NZ

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