Wednesday, August 10, 2011

day in the life (hipstamatic style)

a fairly typical day in our house (this was on Tuesday, August 9, 2011)

 turn on the candle warmer (pumpkin creme brulee today).

7:00-I make the mistake of getting up to the go to the bathroom.  When this happens, Eisley is up for the morning.  I ran down to turn on the coffee pot, then laid with her for quite awhile in bed, chatting and playing.  We mosied downstairs a little before 9:00.

I get my breakfast and Ruby's together (minus the milk in her cereal, saved for the last minute).  I have a brownie because otherwise they'll totally go bad.  And wasted brownies should be illegal.

Eisley goes back to sleep while I eat breakfast of champions, watch the Today Show, do some things on the computer (order Halloween costumes!) and crochet a little.

10:45 - my teenager in training wakes up, and in the process of setting down the princess to go tend to her, she wakes up.

daddy comes in and says hi to his girls (and plays catch).  After he leaves, Ruby uses the same instruction he gave her to tell Eisley, complete with, "Great try, Eisley!"

While Ruby eats breakfast, Eisley bounces.  I do dishes, clean up the kitchen and put baby food that was made on Monday into the freezer (sweet potatoes).  I prepare more baby food (mangoes).  Eisley isn't eating any baby food yet, but I am stockpiling the freezer.

At 11:40, I put Ruby in a bubble bath, change Eisley, and feed her.  Eisley is angry about not having my undivided attention.  I leave myself thirty minutes to make myself somewhat presentable while Ruby plays in the bathtub.

12:45 - Mom comes over and we walk to lunch.  As I see the two of them holding hands on their walk, I flashback briefly to a time when I was pregnant, and driving away to work.  As I looked into my rearview mirror, I saw the same sight and started sobbing.  I'll blame the hormones.

We went to visit Moo, on the last day we would see her working at the ice cream shop before she leaves for college.  We got jumbo sandwiches and my fave, agave limeade.

We returned to our house at 2:15.  I had a fussy, half-zombie baby, so she ate.  Ruby requested to watch Caillou, but in order to do so, she had to pick up all of her toys.  I give her this time once a day (generally) because it's during a naptime, and it's a time when I can get things accomplished.  On this day, I relished the silence and crocheted a bit.

around 4:30, Ruby went to play with chalk on the porch while Eisley continued to sleep.

Eisley woke up a bit later, and Jimmy and I packed up the girls to go biking and to the park.
eisley wakes up, we leave at 5:00, bike two miles, stop for some park time, my phone dies, and we return home in time for Jimmy to head off to chaperone the football boys in the weight room.

6:00 - I wash and steilize bottles and pacifiers, move mangoes from trays to bags, empty dishwasher (and refill. it never ends.), and make peas.  Eisley bounces while Ruby plays in the living room.

I make Ruby dinner.  I don't usually cater to a specific toddler-friendly plate, but I was still stuffed from lunch.  She had almond butter tortilla rollups, apple slices, and dates.

Eisley eats at 7:00, I check email, call Melissa and my mom.

Melissa calls back at 7:30 while Ruby and Eisley play in the living room.

At 8:00, I get off the phone, give Eisley a bath, and Jimmy gets home.

Mom calls shortly after I get Eisley dressed for bed.

Like clockwork, Eisley demands to be put to bed at 8:30.  I try the swing, but it doesn't last long.  I talk to Mom while I nurse her in bed (dark, quiet room).

She falls asleep very quickly and I continue talking to Mom.  I answer some emails, edit a few pictures, and call it a day.  Jimmy eats and plays with Ruby, while I shower.  Baby was left without milk within reach for too long and is screaming by the time I get out.

I quickly gather clothes for the washer so it's ready to start the next day.  I hightail it upstairs, Jimmy hands over Eisley, and he has instruction for last minute things to bring upstairs (water, pjs for Ruby, etc).

We end the night watching Take the Money and Run (new to me, but good show), and last Sunday's Next Food Network Star while I play Words with Friends.  Ruby built towers with her blocks on the floor.

Teeth are brushed, and I'm asleep around midnight.

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