Thursday, July 28, 2011

times like these

Walks with my family, in the breezy summer air.

Baked oatmeal and sipping coffee with my  most favorite girls on the planet.

Rearing butterflies and watching my toddler's mind run positively wild with questions.

Reading bedtime stories to my girls, as one nurses herself to la la land.

Root beer floats and appetizer dinners with my sister.

Ordering matching outfits for the girls, just because I can.

Anticipating the mail for the next three weeks due to all of the spontaneous online shopping that I have succumbed to.

Anxiously awaiting our new bikes and kiddo trailer for family rides.

Watching my girls do nothing but glow in each other's existence and knowing how silly it was to ever question having the space in my heart to love two like I did one.

It's times like these, that I have to stop and think how unbelievably blessed I am.

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