Monday, July 4, 2011

Phoenix, summed up

Yesterday, we stepped outside and Ruby yelled, "Turn the air on!"

Due to the scalding nature of her carseat, the sight of the car elicits sheer panic from Ruby.

118 degree weather was a fine time for her to do a complete 180 and decide she can no longer go anywhere without being carried.

The good news?  This town is a ghost town; the only people here are those that are just as crazy as us.  Or glutton for punishment.


Hannah said...

Oh the poor blessed child! I don't blame her one bit. This is why I'm so loving that we don't live in Oklahoma any more. I would seriously get depressed every summer trapped in our house with the Chik-Fil-A playground being the only suitable hang out. I prescribe ice cream in vast quantities! At least you know you have a glorious mountain home waiting for you!

Anonymous said...

...and I thought Florida was bad this time of year! I couldn't imagine being there right now. I think my face would fry off.

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