Sunday, July 24, 2011

ever grateful.

Smells that promise to deliver pure yum later hover in the kitchen as I sit sipping cinnamon-infused coffee.  Ruby cooks me "yunch" consisting of what I can only assume are pancakes, bacon, cucumbers, and cupcakes.  With  side of orange juice.

Grocery lists are scribbled in anticipation of future dinner gatherings with sweet family.

And it's at a time like this that I realize how blessed I am to be sitting where I am.  Not even the army of nearly microscopic red ants that have slipped in through a crack in the wall and are marching in my sink can get to me. (What is it about these things that seem immortal?  That or their ability to reproduce every five seconds..?)

I read a heartbreaking account of the happenings in Norway from a person that experienced people being shot around her, left and right as if it were a game.  I can't understand the cruelty of such events that seem to be happening frequently in our world.  I can't take a moment of my life for granted; I am so grateful for the things that I have and the place in which I live.

My three foot tall sidekick furiously scribbles in her coloring book, my nearly five month old babbles to her Daddy, and for now I enjoy their company and their mere existence so immensely it nearly  hurts.

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