Sunday, July 3, 2011

Dear Eisley

Sweet Girl,

The four month mark; we recently passed the date that I discovered your very existence one year ago (June 26th).  When you would have fit inside of a poppy seed. What a wonderful year it was; seemingly warp speed and snail speed all at the same time.  As I type, you are shouting at the shadows keeping you company.  You have had a long day in 118 degree weather and you have just been the sweetest, most patient little one.  The car has been your only complaint; you hate it.  I was worried about a thirteen hour trip to Phoenix, but you did great!  The sound of waves crashing kept you company and you slept for most of it.

We celebrated such ridiculous heat with your first trip to the pool - you loved it.  I pulled you out earlier than sister and daddy and you conked out immediately.  It was nice to snuggle you in your towel, poolside as you snoozed away the exhaustion from your day.

As Ruby has grown up, I have realized how lucky I am to have such a snuggly child.  I knew the chances of having two such children was quite slim; I am thrilled that you are just as cuddly.  As long as you are being held, you are more than satisfied.  As I hold you, you often stroke my hands or arms with your tiny fingers.  You are very touch-oriented; I can't wait to see where this trait takes you in life.  You have recently discovered that you can rub your fingertips together and do so often, especially in your carseat.

We heard your first belly laugh last week, at Ruby of course.  She is the center of your world.  She giggled loudly, and you giggled louder.  You are a social baby; it's quite fitting that your first laugh would be in response to your sister.  I can't wait to hear more of that sweet, sweet sound.

You and Ruby are so different in nearly every way, but aside from you both loving to snuggle, you two love to people watch.  You get so excited when we talk to you.  Arms and legs flail and you squawk in response.  You have a knack for recognizing familiar voices - it's amazing to watch you stop to listen for more, generally smiling in response.  For being immobile, you are quite busy.  You love to be rocked, swayed and bounced.  If you were swaddled while doing these things, your world would be perfect.  Next best thing would be a blanket laid against your sweet little cheeks.

In Daddy's summation, you are, "So full of expressions with giggles, talking, and hand batting."

I like that I can finally call you chubby.  You have multiple chins, and I could just eat your chunky little thighs and chubby hands and feet.  My favorite parts of you?  Your balding, sweet smelling head, your dimpled smile, your need to be close to me, the way you talk to me, and the way you love to be sung to. The way you insist on an 8:30 bedtime.  The way you light up when you hear a familiar voice.

You are nearly fifteen pounds and two feet long.  As always, time is flying and you are growing faster than I can relate to.  Your personality is so bright; I can't believe how perfectly you have fit into our family.  We love you more than you can imagine.


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