Wednesday, June 22, 2011

halfway coherent thoughts.

This is how I feel today:

Only, not because the ant I was chasing crawled on my finger.

stream of thoughts, because it's all that will be afforded by my brain at the moment.

Last night was by far the worst night Ruby has ever had.  Eisley seemed to be less than understanding and was ready to be up and moving by 9:00.

I figure a scandalous breakfast and 18 cups of coffee ought to keep my eyes peeled until the earliest bedtime possible tonight.

Ruby had a few coughing episodes last night where her throat sounded scarily constricted.  I haven't heard it yet today which makes my suspicion of a cat allergy slightly stronger.

We spent the evening with Jeremy and Sarah.  Picture the brothers BBQing dinner while we finished painting Abbi's room and began dresser construction.  Seeing 8.5 month pregnant Sarah painting on a ladder and me nursing a sleepy needy Eisley while unpacking the [8 million] parts of the dresser was comical.  Apparently, being allergic to painting runs in that family.

I have been to our local clinic twice in the last two really find out nothing concrete.  Here, I discovered the joy of convincing your two year old to pee in a cup and subsequently catching it.  We also had a blood draw to rule out various things. During our waits here, I was told by Ruby that I am very smart, a big girl, and that my hair is a mess.

At least she's honest.

How many men does it take to chance a baby? (also?  I could eat up those chunky little legs.)

I got a ring sling, mostly for vacation purposes being that it's cooler than our other baby wearing things, and is capable of keeping all of her covered and protected from the sun.  I am in love with this, and so is she.

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