Monday, June 20, 2011

father's day

I am grateful for an amazing husband and father to my girls every single day, but I wanted him to know how special he was to us yesterday.  Ruby and I worked on stuff all week and weekend; he woke up to this:

I am thrilled that my girls have an amazing, involved Daddy - I fall more in love with him every time I watch him with his little ones.  His adoration for them is astounding, and I hope they always cherish their relationship with him.

Ruby also answered questions about her Daddy with gems such as him having white hair, being "big" feet tall, playing toys is his favorite sport, and his favorite dessert is water.

I took about 800 photos of the girls to frame and give to their dad and my own dad.  They turned out okay for dealing with a moody two year old, an infant that can't sit, and trying to hide the evidence while Jimmy was home.  We came out fairly unscathed (minus the poor candle stand).

We had blueberry mini muffins for breakfast and relaxed for most of the day before having brother and sister in law over for dinner.  We had a nice dinner and chatted over s'mores and cupcakes until midnight; we really enjoyed the company.  Things are about to get slightly more chaotic with our get togethers - sweet Abbi is due at the beginning of August and will add to our little group of precious girls.

I have packing to do, cookies to decorate, and a 102 fever to fight; this week is already looking fun.

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