Wednesday, June 15, 2011

catch up

I'm still looking for the underlying reasons that come with summer and cause me to lose my mind.  And what it is about it that makes me forget about such chaos for the rest of the year.  I count the minutes until summer when we're stuck with snow, and then summer gets here and life is a whirlwind.  I can't keep up with my own social life, much less Jimmy's.  So now, I'm back to counting the days until fall (or when I'm 80) when life won't move so quickly.

My brain cells have been swept away in the craziness around me.  Well, the ones that weren't stolen from me when Eisley came along.  I need a personal assistant to keep my stuff straight these days.

Right now, I can hardly focus on anything around me because there is a fire in close proximity to my house.  I feel quite ill thinking about the flames swallowing up such beautiful land; the out of control nature in which it uses the wind as a teammate, taking whatever may lie in its path.

And we are about to join Arizona in all of its blazing glory.  Who goes on vacation to the hottest state of the year at its hottest time of year?  Brilliant.  And don't forget to take into account the baby that's too small for sunscreen so the pool idea is only coming into fruition with a miniature water house of sorts.  Also reeeally looking forward to thirteen hours in the car with a baby that hates her carseat.

For the time being, I am picking up last minute things, attempting to organize my house, and spending entirely too much time on Pinterest but who is keeping track?

Oh, and by the way?  I taught myself to crochet, volunteered to host a Father's Day get together, donate handmade items for a charity, and [finally] start my photography business.  Maybe all brainpower has been washed away after all.

We traveled last weekend to watch Meredith play in the all state basketball games.  Her team won the entire thing; it was fun to watch her play at such an honorable thing.


The other day, Ruby was looking at a book with various pictures of babies dressed up in the pictures.  My mom asked her where the cute baby was, and she looked across the table and pointed at Eisley.

On the ride home from the all state games, Eisley was fussing in the carseat (surprise surprise).  Jimmy made up some cheesy song to sing at her, and Ruby said, "Stop dad, you're making me crazy!"

Ruby was horsing around on her bed.  She fell off and I asked her if she was okay.  She told me, "I broke my head." I could hardly catch my breath from laughing so hard when she said to me, "I'm not very happy."

Other phrases that happen nearly daily:

You're my best friend.

You're precious.

I love you so much.

Eisley's newest thing is trying to outdo Ruby in a yelling contest.  I only caught her at about 50% of her apparent capabilities - she's always quite proud of herself for producing such a loud noise.

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