Tuesday, May 10, 2011

30 months young

My Sweet Girl,

Ruby doodle, my love - you are thirty months old today.  Two and a half years, you have been plastering smiles on all the faces around you.  You are an amazing little girl - and though I am sad about you not being such a baby anymore, I am so thrilled to be able to watch you blossom.

And besides, you'll always be my baby anyway.

Two days ago, I celebrated being your mom for the fourth year.  I am proud to be your mom, proud to be the one that gets to watch you delight over life's smallest little somethings.  Proud to watch you use your manners nearly always.  Proud to watch you act like Momma Hen over your little sister.

I was not in a great place, emotionally (among other things) when I found out about your existence, and boy have you turned that around.  I absolutely mean it when I describe you as the light of my life.  You have a way of bringing me an immense amount of joy - I have never known such happiness and love so pure.

Your little world has been completely turned upside down (and jostled around several times) in the last few months; you have taken it all like a star.  Your little sister adores you, searches for your voice and face, and gives you smiles and coos.  You love her just the same, telling me when she is awake, trying anything to soothe her, and loving on her several times per hour.  

On Mother's Day, you told me, "Eisley is God's son."  When I tried to counter your statement, you insisted that I was wrong.  Apparently, you think quite highly of your baby sister.

Another emotional statement making a frequent appearance in our house is, "I'll do it."  We are raising an independent one.

You have recently started expressing your emotions ("I don't care.") and your disbelief ("I can't believe it!") which is extremely eye-opening.  You have an ability like nobody I have ever known to pick up on every little thing being spoken and done around you regardless of it being directly connected to you or not.

You have started catching my eye from across a room to blow me a kiss and say, "I love you too." You can imagine the effect this has on my heart.

 You have been completely potty trained for three months now.

You know your colors, numbers, and letters as well as their respective sounds.

You are 29 pounds, 35 inches tall.

You love to sing.  Your favorite songs are Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Happy Birthday, Jesus Loves Me, & You are My Sunshine (which we sing to Eisley).  My favorite song to hear you sing is "Five Little Monkies"

You love to color, paint, and learn about various things - I think you would sit all day and do these things if I let you.  Now that the weather is getting nice, you ask for chalk and bubbles on a daily basis.

Other favorite things:  reading books, visiting Papa every morning when you wake up (generally, there are suckers involved), bubble baths, baking with Mom, noodles, peanut butter, the word wagon game, playing with your doll, Eva, playing in your kitchen, playing dress up with fun accessories, and acting like you are various animals (usually a kitty in which case you need your "kitty house" to be built by Daddy).

You have a sweet tooth that rivals my own which is saying a lot.  I think you could be persuaded to do anything with the aid of a sweet treat.

Ruby Elliana, you are one amazing two and a half year old.  I love you more than life!


[We had a mini celebration with a girls' day out with Ama, pizza for dinner, and another first: "painted fingers."]

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Beth said...

I love how I've "stumbled" upon your blog through out the years. Watching your daughter grow as my son is the same age, is so much fun, and seeing them both have similar likes and going through similar things as toddlers now. It's amazing how fast they grow! Thanks for keeping up to date with your blog! I wish I was that dedicated to my blogging! I just wanted to stop by and say "hi" and say that I do come by every couple months to look into another mommy's life! :) thank you!

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