Tuesday, April 19, 2011


My baby sister went to her senior prom last weekend; I felt sort of like crying, honestly.  She showed up at my house, nails all pinkified and ready to have her hair done.  I wanted to ask her when she thought it'd be okay to just go and grow up.  She used to be this five year old shadow getting into all of my things; now she's this beautiful girl holding my children.

We had to do our traditional kissy face pictures with Ruby and now with Eisley.  What a crazy difference a year makes!

2 years ago.

Last year

I'm sure to be a mess at graduation this year when prom got me all reminiscent.

Ruby thought it was pretty neat to watch Aunt Moo get ready.  After Meredith's hair was done, she went and did dinner with a group of friends; all Ruby could talk about was going to the dance.  I feared a meltdown of giant proportions when she discovered that she wouldn't actually be dancing at the dance, or staying for that matter.  Thankfully, she was okay with the red-carpet-but-really-white tulle style entrance for all of the other people attending the dance.

If I blink one more time, it's going to be her off to her prom.

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