Sunday, April 10, 2011

mental purge.

My favorite Ruby things of the moment are hearing her sing Jesus Loves Me and asking me and Jimmy every single night: Scuggle Daddy?  Scuggle Mommy?  I'll snuggle that kid until she won't allow it.  And the Jesus Loves Me singing?  Especially heart-wrenching on me when she sings repeatedly to herself while sitting in timeout.

I have eliminated various things in my diet because of Pukey McPukerson and let's just say milk is like my crack.  I can hardly figure out where to go in life without it and that's likely the culprit of the vomiting through the nose (ick).

I think my brain function has reached an all time low because just today I caught myself believing that I missed being pregnant.  Someone please whip me back to Miseryville the last month of pregnancy.  And oh yeah, the first 18 weeks as well.

I have two extremely snuggly children.  And two children that are growing up entirely too fast.  My baby is 38 days old today and I can't get over how much she has grown in that time.  Nearly 9 pounds and 20 3/4 inches!

I'm looking forward to a lot more time with snuggly children.  I resigned from my job this week.

This week's plans include playing catch up with the things that got cast aside to make time for scuggles, pancakes and a playdate with fun friends, and a doctor appointment that makes me think pouring sand in my eyeballs would be more of a good time than going.


Ruby came up to me yesterday and said, "Oh no, Mommy!"  When I asked her what was wrong, she told me a kitty was stuck in the tree.  Perplexed at this imaginary cat, I asked her what we should do, and she said, "Get him down!"  I asked her how we would get the cat down and she answered knowingly, "A ladder."

The other day, I played a Selah cd for Eisley, hoping to buy some time to get a few things done.  Ruby heard one of the songs and exclaimed, "Jesus?!"  It was as if she couldn't fathom someone else knowing about Him.  She has since heard this several times and says, "Jesus?  God?  Prayers?"  Melt.

My mom and dad kept the girls tonight while Jimmy and I attended the FFA banquet.  When we went to get them, I asked Ruby what she had for dinner and she said, "Ice cream!"  (which sounds more like ikes a me me me).  Busted!

tiniest flip flops ever.  squeeee!

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Hillary (Mrs. Einstein) said...

You really, truly resigned from your job? Congratulations!!! Your little girls are sooo precious!

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